3 simple style hacks for your photo session!

Oftentimes part of the reason people put off getting their photos taken is because trying to find outfits feels overwhelming and impossible to nail down. Lucky for you, I'm the type of person that LOVES picking out and narrowing down outfits. ;)

Here are some quick tips of mine for styling outfits for a photo session!

1. Always avoid wearing anything that's going to make you blend in with your surroundings! That is, avoid wearing green if we're hanging out in a wooded area, avoid wearing tan if we're hanging out in a prairie grassy area, and avoid wearing white or light colors if we're in the snow. An easy way to rock your look is to contrast the area around you.

2. Choose pieces that have a pattern, texture or movement to them. For example, there are few things more photogenic than a floral printed maxi dress, midi skirt, a jacket with fringe detail, a plaid flannel, a poncho, anything with a little bit of ruffle to it, and the list goes on! Basically, avoid wearing a plain cotton tee and basic jeans.

3. Accessories are your bff. Oftentimes, the things that take an outfit from a little on the boring side, to being on the super fun side, is the accessories you choose to pair with it. My favorite things to throw on with an outfit is fun earrings, bandanas (whether it's around your neck, in your hair, etc), a fun belt, a scarf/wrap of some sort, and of course, hats!

These points are just the TIP of the iceberg, really! I've put together a more detailed outfit guide focused on couples/engagement sessions, and am working on a guide for families and seniors as well! I love having these helpful tips and guides to offer my clients. I appreciate you picking me as your photo gal, so I want to show I appreciate YOU! Your photo session is a team effort, I'm here to help you from beginning to end!

Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips and tricks coming to a KEP blog near you ;)

Xoxo, Kyndal


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