Alternative Wedding Dress Options

Imagine this: you just got engaged last month. You're at your first round of trying on potential dresses. You brought your mom, your grandma, your aunt, your bestie, and a couple other friends for the fun of it. You start looking through all the dresses and before you know it, everyone you invited that day has picked 1-2 dresses for you to try on. They're glitzy. They cost more than your venue and photographer combined. You can't rationalize spending that much on a ONE time wear. You are suddenly extremely overwhelmed and you still have 12 over priced, over embellished dresses to try on. And you don't even love any of them!

*ZOINKS* ok I know this isn't how everyone's first time dress shopping feels, but I'll bet there's a handful of you out there nodding along with how familiar it sounds and feels.

Did you know there are OODLES of alternative wedding dress options for those of you who can't justify spending the dough on something you're going to wear one time?

According to an article written by the Knot, the average cost of a wedding dress in 2018 was $1,631, while a groom spends more like $275 on his whole look. Isn't that wild?

If you're a bride looking for something a little less traditional, and under $1,000, here are some places for you to consider:

1. ASOS! A personal fave for alternative wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest options, and so on! Truly a one stop shop, while being well under $1000. They truly have something for everyone, and they carry options for all body types! Here are some faves:

2. BHLDN! Ok, this is Anthropologie's wedding line. 'Nough said. Some dresses hit about that average wedding price, but just as many end up much lower. Especially in their FAB sale section! These dresses have more of that traditional bridal look, but offer options with unique details or smaller price tags. Definitely worth perusing! Here are some faves:

3. My third and final recommendation... Freepeople! Hear me out... I know they're 0% known for anything bridal, but by golly when you search for white maxi dresses on their site, so many DREAMY boho bride options pop out at me. These are truly for the boho, free spirit, alternative, off-kilter bride. Here are some that pop out to me:

If you are overwhelmed by the price tags, the poofy gowns, or the opinions of your girl gang, shopping for an alternative option for a wedding dress can ease your mind and add such a fun personal touch to your wedding look. Not everyone wants to go to bridal stores, and that's AOK!!! There are options for all kinds of kinds!

Also, I love hunting for options online for anything and everything, so hit your girl up if you need help hunting down the perfect look for your big day!!!

Xoxo, Kyndal Elise


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