Aldijana + Chad // Exile Brewing Co. Engagement

So I'm kind of obsessed with these two. Zero shame about it. I met up with Aldijana and Chad at the spot where they had their first date -- Exile Brewing Company in Des Moines, IA. We drank some beers, they told their love story (which is freaking wild and goosebump worthy, by the way), and I took some photos in the meantime.

I LOVE this type of photo session, because it gives me a chance to sit down and just hang out with you, plus we get you two acting natural and in your element. Plus beer helps y'all let loose. That's a win-win-win. ;)

Afterwards, we bopped over to Water Works Park for part two of their session. In the middle of part two, it straight up POURED rain on us. But guess what? We embraced it, and ended up taking some of my favorite engagement photos to date!

Lessons learned: Beer is the best ice breaker and you've got to be able to improvise and go with the flow, even when that means embracing some rain. These two nailed it!

Check out all of my favorites from their engagement session:


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