Intrepid Workshop

Many moons ago, little old me made it a top priority to be more intentional about furthering my photography education this year. Shortly after the new year, I took a leap in my photography career and booked a spot at the Intrepid Workshop, lead by The Jeno Collective (Madi) & guest speaker Kenzie Achterhoff Photography.

I had been following both of these gals on Instagram/Facebook for some time and had always strongly admired them for their BEAUTIFUL work, as well as their values and perceptions surrounding photography. If we're gonna get all soft and mushy, I'll go ahead and admit that I look up to them as role models for both life + business. For sure.

ANYWHO, I made my way up to Saint Paul, MN from Ames, IA and arrived at 11:00, one coffee deep. The workshop didn't start until noon, so Kyndal being the way Kyndal is swung by a local coffee shop, then perused an antique mall a couple doors down to kill time. At noon, I arrived at the workshop, two coffees deep, a little twitchy on caffeine and a lotta' excited.

I was instantly greeted by a few other photographers just like me, and was overwhelmed by the feeling of "wow all these people get exactly what I'm dealing with." This was my first workshop experience, so I've really never been in a scenario where I was conversating (not a word, but you get it) with so many people that had so much in common with me. HOLY refreshing.

And also there was guac, so that was ideal.

We started the workshop off with introductions + telling our "photography stories", then dived into topics such as how to attract your ideal client, how to shoot more sessions you're passionate about, how to establish and manage a successful workflow, general wedding day tips, how to price for success, branding + marketing tips and so on. These were all subjects that had been weighing heavily on me -- I'd been trying to do my research online, but hearing Madi + Kenzie talk through their process and perspectives made things less daunting, and more exciting.

They presented for literally HOURS and we even went OVER TIME and honestly we could've sat their talking and bouncing ideas off of one another for at least another hour or two lol. So much good information, so much good company. I'm a sucker for good convo.

We then moved on to part 2 of the workshop: the styled shoots! *Squeals with excitement*

Madi + Kenzie brought in a lifestyle couple and a bridal couple, and basically they were our guinea pigs for the evening and it was freaking wonderful. It's not everyday that I get to photograph a couple chillin' on a long board, and it's been a hot minute since I've photographed anything bridal -- needless to say I was in heaven. All good things.

Out of all the fun things about the day, I think my favorite aspect was the natural community that was built that day. I'll be honest, there was a part of me that was nervous because I didn't know what to expect from a gathering of photographers -- would it feel weird? Awkward? Would there be competitive tension? Anybody that knows me knows I'm super anti-competitive and avoid the tensions of life at all costs. That just ain't me. But to my relief, there wasn't an ounce of this anticipated tension. We were each other's cheerleaders all day long, and I can't tell you how truly rad that is. It's a beautiful thing being part of a community that just wants to each other succeed and reach their goals. And help each other get there!

Before I get TOO deep into the community conversation, here are some sweet pics from the day --

Thank you to Madi of the Jeno Collective and Kenzie of Kenzie Ackterhoff Photography for putting on this day! See ya next year. ;)


Florals: Wild Thistle Design | Dress: A & Be Minneapolis | Hair: Hair by Theresa | Make Up: Make Up by Mindie | Venue: Studio Apparatus | Denim Jackets: Kindred Looms | Workshop Host: The Jeno Collective | Workshop Guest Speaker: Kenzie Ackerhoff Photography


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