Morgan's Senior Session

SENIORS! It's officially 2020, which means I'm mentally gearing up for a spring + summer + fall FULL of senior sessions! Pro tip: it's never too early to get your name on my list! Honestly, I will love you more for it if you plan ahead like that! Things fill up FAST once the snow and ice melts away. If you know what month you want for you senior session, just holla at me! I'll write you down, then follow up when we are closer!

BASICALLY, I'm excited. Typical. Can't wait to meet all my 2020/2021 seniors!

PS: If you graduate this May and still need to get your senior photos done (lol, it happens I promise), it's not too late! I don't discriminate against you late birds ;)

Check out one of my favorite senior sessions from this fall! It has a little bit of sport, a lotta style, and all kinds of fun! In other words, my favorite type of senior session :)

Xoxo, Kyndal


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