Mr. & Mrs. Fopma // 6•15•19

Fun fact: This dress was actually the bride's mother's dress! Mckinley made minor alterations and added some of the lace detail. Beyond that, this dress is straight up elegant vintage. LOVE right?

What you don't see in all of these bridal party photos: a storm was BREWING up during all of these photos. It was one of those days where we caught all of the perfect photo windows between showers and storms. I secretly loved it because we all know cloudy weather makes for ideal lighting -- all the heart eyes for this gal gang! (PS: that flower girl is ridiculously adorable and she knows it)

Mckinley was accompanied by a mix of friends, her family, and Josh's family. This group was so full of love, and were superstars throughout the day making sure Mckinley's needs were met and that the day went smoothly! Round of applause for a group that works well as a TEAM.

The florals you see in all of these shots were done by the fabulous Mandy of M.Klyn Floral Design! You betcha that these blooms smelled marvelous all day long.

Quick swoon moment over Mckinley's blusher. Traditional pieces are always the most beautiful pieces on a wedding day!

This photo is easily one of my favorites from the day. What you don't know: this was literally seconds before the winds picked up to 60 mph, and a torrential downpour ensued for about 30 minutes. I took maybe 15 photos with the short window we had before the storm, and this just goes to show that it's ALWAYS worth sneaking a couple pics in when you can!

A day with in-and-out storms, and an evening with the perfect sunset as the aftermath. This wedding day is PROOF that rain doesn't ruin your wedding. It might just make the day a bit more adventurous ;)

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Fopma!


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