Mr. & Mrs. Schussler // 12•29•18

I have nothing but good things to say about this day, about this couple, about these families, and about this job I get to call mine. This day was beautiful from beginning to end, inside and out. I know the bride from high school -- so fun how life turns out! There's something about photographing big days for old friends that makes me so sentimental. *warm fuzzies*

A few things about these items: OKAY who else loves the "no ugly crying" hanky? I'm a sucker for the cute & quirky little details. Also... that necklace. I knew when I first looked at it that it HAD to be an heirloom. After asking about it, it turns out that Leah's mom wore it on her wedding day. The other funny thing about that necklace is that it came from Alberta, Canada (I know there's more to that story, but keeping it short for attention's sake)... and guess where the groom + his family is from? You guessed it. Alberta.

Leah's parents' backyard made for the perfect photo spot for the bride + her babe's pictures. Leah's dad actually built the structure you see behind the girls -- one of my favorite details from the day!

Canadian + American socks. 'Nough said.

This reception was so so so full of love. I've never been to a wedding that was so unapologetically overflowing with love. It was obvious that the bride and groom had a lot of love for one another, but also each of their families. I learned that the groom's family had actually been having a massive sleepover at the bride's family's house that entire week -- a lot of togetherness to say the least! By the day of the wedding, these two families had bonded so closely, and clearly had a lot of love for one another. What a blessing!

Another favorite detail of mine -- the bride and groom served each of the guests a slice of pie as their receiving line. I love couples that do things a little off-kilter from tradition. Plus, I love pie.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Schussler!


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