Shop Local (Please): Creative Collab

If I had to describe my ideal scenario in three words, those words would be: Creative, social, and inspirational. Leah Rozendaal of Leah Rose Productions & I hosted a "creative collaboration" centered around those three favorite words. We invited some local creative gal pals over for an afternoon of talking about our big dreams for our small businesses.

Meet the Locals:

Cathryn Dunsbergen of Thelma & Bonnie's:

Miss Cathryn is a jack-of-all-trades, specifically in the kitchen. She's in the midst of launching her own blog + business, adorably named after her grandma and great-grandma, Thelma & Bonnie's. Her blog will cover all things from her favorite savory recipes, hosting a variety of events, and general life topics. She's also preparing to start a new business venture that involves partnering with her mom, and a whole lot of cooking. But we'll let her tell you more about that later! ;)

Meet Cathryn:

Jenny Morrett:

Jenny is a high school art teacher by day, and a devoted artist always. She really does dabble in it all: drawing, painting, watercolor (pictured), multi-medium work, glass blowing, and much more! She brought all her supplies with her for our creative collab, and watercolor painted a beautiful lighthouse scene. Rumor has it that she takes requests... what art are you needing on your wall?

Meet Jenny:

Lydia Bandstra of LB Designs:

Lydia is the hand lettering MASTER. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have the talent to produce our own clever decorative signs? Well, Miss Lydia has that talent, and she's willing to share! She brought a couple pumpkins + some paint, and did a demonstration on site for us. Who needs some of this festive signage in their lives this holiday season? Fa la la la la, am I right? She's done hand lettering work for local businesses, weddings, and plenty just for fun.

Meet Lydia:

Jessica Havel of Jess Desserts:

Jessica is allllllllll about the sweets! She's the owner of her home bakery, Jess Desserts. She bakes sweet treats such as birthday cakes, cupcakes cookies, cookie BOUQUETS, bars, muffins, scones, biscuits, and last, but certainly not least, macarons. Jessica is up to try anything, as far as baking goes, and makes things by order. Her big dream is to have a coffee truck that also sells her sweets -- how cute of an idea is that?

Meet Jessica:

Courtney Nikkel of For Good:

Miss Courtney has been on the KEP blog before, and we were so glad to have her back! Courtney is the owner of her sustainable clothing biz, FOR GOOD. She's best known for her recycled hair ties & kerchiefs, made from secondhand sari material. She has also recently launched a reclaimed tees line, featuring her own embroidery work. She's doing such cool and IMPORTANT things, people!

Meet Courtney:

Mandy Klyn of M.Klyn Floral Design:

We contacted Mandy super last minute about providing some flowers to set the scene for our little gathering, and WOW did she really come through! These florals were leftover pieces from a wedding the day before, and they blended perfectly with our Sunday afternoon setting.


Huge shoutout to Blush in Pella for letting us borrow a couple pillows, blanket, sign & pom-pom garlands. We needed some "cozy scene setters", and these pieces really brought it all together for us! Blush also just opened it's doors a mere 3 days before this event, so a million thank you's to them for working with us in the midst of their crazy opening week!

Check out Blush:

Leah Rozendaal Leah Rose Productions:

And last but certainly not least, my co-host for this sweet little event, Leah Rose Productions. Miss Leah was my best gal through my awkward high school phase, and has followed through with me to my young entrepreneur stage. She's been KILLIN' it in the wedding & event videography game for over a year now. Check out her coverage on our afternoon -->

BONUS Luca + Luxe: Leah Rozendaal also makes lava bead bracelets (for essential oils), and the cutest little candles! We got to try out her products while we chit chatted, and it's safe to say we're all a big fan of the "thieves" oil.

Leah & I are so thrilled with how the day went, and how the images + video turned out. So between you and me... we are considering the idea of making this little event a regular gathering!

Interested in hanging out with us next time? Don't hesitate to contact us!


Kyndal Elise


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